The Team Who's behind it

T he Meteoriks are made possible by people active in the demoscene as well as demoscene enthusiasts. The current team you see on this page is by no means complete and we will add more people as we move closer to the ceremony.

The Meteoriks Team of 2020

Main organizer and project lead

Joachim 'dojoe' Fenkes

Benevolent Dictator For Life

Reza 'D.Fox' Esmaili


Joachim 'dojoe' Fenkes
Nina 'Leia' Høegh-Larsen

Head of Jury

Joachim 'dojoe' Fenkes

Video Production

Thomas 'dirtie' Hansen
John 'Ziphoid' Carehag
Elizaveta 'draugven' Naimark

Awards Show

Joachim 'dojoe' Fenkes
Reza 'D.Fox' Esmaili


New Talent: docd, herschel, Nytrik, Shifter
Best Soundtrack: AceMan, LiSU, QM, Romeo Knight, Saga Musix, Triace
Outstanding Technical Achievement: BSC, KeyJ, oerg866, Psycho
Best Visuals: branch, Darya, dino, Guille, noby, Nytrik, random
Best Low-End Production: AceMan, herschel, oerg866, random, visy
Outstanding Concept: AceMan, dojoe, noby, QM, Romeo Knight
Best Small High-End Intro: KeyJ, las, mentor, Subi
Best High-End 64k Intro: BSC, lambdacore, las, mentor, NR4
Best High-End Demo: Guille, herschel, KeyJ, merry, nightmare, Nytrik, Shifter
Best Direction: branch, Darya, noby, Shifter

Trophy design

The trophies are designed by the talented Ollie 'cosmic' Borgardts of Higher Lyrics.


Many people helped during the concept phase of the Meteoriks.

dvs, cryptic, gargaj, glittermouse, las, madame, ne7, rc55, truck, velo

Partners and Supporters This wouldn't be possible without them