About What are the Meteoriks?

T he Meteoriks are an open and inclusive award to honor demoscene productions of 2019. In several categories, we recognize the best of the best of the previous year.

The Categories There's something for everybody

Over the first years of the Meteoriks, we had asked all you sceners what types of awards you'd like to see in a "best of the past year" type awards event, and you have responded! We received loads of creative suggestions over the years, and we tried to condense them into a set of not too many award categories that encompass as many of your ideas as possible.

We're pretty happy with the set of categories we had in the last years, but that doesn't mean we cannot improve! This year our jurors decided to add a new category, "Outstanding Concept", to honor productions that surprised us with bold and original ideas.

If you'd like to know more, take a look at this year's categories!


The jury Nominating and picking laureates

E ach of the categories had a separate jury consisting of three or more jurors who are experts in their field. Out of all eligible productions for each category, the individual juries preselected a list of nominations which were published prior to the award ceremony. Out of these nominations, a laureate and possible honorable mentions were picked.

Since the award ceremony is over, the names of the jurors are now revealed on the Team page.

The head of jury is responsible for selecting jurors out of all applications and acts as mediator and public voice of the jury.

The award ceremony Revision 2020 - Saarbrücken, Germany

T he laureates in all the categories were presented to the public during an award ceremony at the Revision demoparty at Easter 2020, streamed live into your homes.

A screening of all winning entries will also be available both as live stream from Revision and on YouTube afterwards.