Apply to be a juror It's lots of fun

"We" - right now that is just the Meteoriks organizing team. We cannot and should not decide on the categories, the award nominees and, ultimately, the winners of the Meteoriks Awards, and that's why we need you to sign up to be part of the jury! You know you want to!

Just so you know what you're getting yourselves into, these are your duties as jurors:

  • Review last year's productions in any way you see fit for your category
  • Identify up to five nominees
  • Pick the laureate
  • One member out of each jury should represent their category on stage during the awards show

Interested? Awesome, go right ahead and fill in the form to the right :D

The deadline for juror application is Friday, January 31, 2020. As we decide on the applications we will invite you to our Slack team. Discussions involving all jurors will start much earlier and some decisions (such as categories) will be made before the deadline, so the earlier you apply the more you will be able to participate!